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Ypera ®’s QoL Enhancer ™ ingredients are known to enhance cell oxygen utilization and muscle protein synthesis, making it a relevant dietary supplement in connection with sports and rehabilitation.

Ypera ® is powered by a Molecular Action Blend™ that is boosted by QoL Enhancer ™ ingredients that can provide a preventive and concomitant reduction of metabolic changes. These changes are stress responses to physical trauma caused e.g., by strenuous exercise. Ypera ®’s QoL Enhcaner ™ ingredients counteract this by improving physical performance and reducing oxidative stress.

Improve your performance with Ypera®

Competitive sports with increased energy metabolism and excessive training without proper regeneration, as well as environmental toxins, infections, or mental stress drastically increase oxidation processes in the human body.


Professional athletes have successfully adopted the powerful QoL Enhancer ™ ingredients in Ypera ® due to its scientifically proven benefits.

As a professional athlete, strategic nutrition is vital to success. My workouts are often very tough! I have been taking Ypera for a while now, and I can feel an improvement in my endurance and recovery.

Linda Kerner | Martial Artist

Ypera ® contains natural regenerative and performance-enhancing substances, combating oxidative stress in the body. Scientific research hints that they boost health at cell-level and help maintain a healthy body. In everyday use, Ypera ®’s QoL Enhancer™ ingredients may deliver a higher resistance to stress, fatigue, injury, and illness and therefore, may enhance the ability to perform and focus better.


  • Strength and performance-enhancing
  • Energy recovery (ATP) in the cells
  • Optimization of oxygen utilization
  • High antioxidant potential
  • Buildup of non-essential amino acids
  • Degradation of toxic substances

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