• Ypera will help you discover the power in your body.


  • Ypera is boosting cell health and recovery

    Boosting cell health and recovery

  • Ypera is regenerative and performance enhancing.

    Regenerative and performance enhancing

Ultra Regeneration

Discover the power in your body, you never knew existed, Ypera® is a QoL Enhancer™ Ultra Regeneration Gel powered by a proprietary Molecular Action Blend™
Ypera® QoL Enhancer™ Ultra Regeneration Gel Packet
Ypera - Ultra Regeneration Gel

Action Blend™

Ypera® is powered by AKG and other natural QoL Enhancer™ ingredients. They work synergistically at a molecular level, optimizing oxygen utilization, and breaking down toxic substances.

Ypera® proprietary Molecular Action Blend™
Molecular Action Blend

QoL Enhancer™

Ypera® super-antioxidant ingredients, cause a preventive and concomitant reduction of metabolic changes enhancing your Quality of Life, providing a triple action against Oxidative Stress Free Radicals and Ammonia.
Ypera® QoL Enhancer™
QoL Enhancer

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Mighty Benefits

Imune Balance

Immune Balance

The regular use of Ypera® assists in the reduction of ammonia and a buildup of nonessential amino acids leading to an overall improvement of the immune balance.*

Strength and Performance Enhancing


The regenerative and performance-enhancing ingredients of Ypera® can optimize the oxygen utilization and muscle protein synthesis as well as enhance the energy recovery in the cells (ATP).*



The ingredient's ability to aid the reduction of inflammation damage makes Ypera® a useful supplement for perioperative surgery optimization and post-traumatic syndrome.*


Anti Aging

The ability to aid the degradation of toxic substances and a reduction of harmful effects caused by oxidative stress makes Ypera® a supplement with significant anti-aging properties.*



Powered by QoL Enhancer™ super antioxidative ingredients which reduce the formation of Free Radical Species (ROS), Ypera® is a supplement with a high antioxidant potential.

Easy to open.
Easy to take.

Ypera® provides you with QoL Enhancer™ super antioxidants anytime, anywhere.
30 x 1 FL Oz (30ml)

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Ypera® is a Dietary Food Supplement designed to enhance your Quality of Life.

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